--*Sangeeta*-- (oopstoobad) wrote,

Back from Bermuda

I got from Bermuda yesterday night.

It was interesting. The last day I was there and today, I felt like there was a huge weight in my chest. It was the worst feeling in the world. I know why and it's so stupid, but it didn't stop the pain from going away.

Bermuda was fun sometimes. We stayed at the biggest hotel on the island, which had so many activities you could do. There was always tea at 4, new movies at 2, 6, and 9 and they served all these refreshments. And there was also a spa, which you had to pay for. So my mom and I signed up for that. And I would do the bicycle thing a lot. All the machines had TVs in front of them. And the spa was really cool, too, because they had everything you could possibly need to groom. Mouthwash, hairdryers, brushes, razors, bathrobes, steam rooms... So much of time would be spent there. I also played Bingo one night at the hotel, but didn't win anything.. And I went to a cocktail party-thing on New Year's Eve at the hotel with my family, and I have never felt so judged! Everyone was in black dresses, with their hair styled up, dripping with jewelry, and I was in a sweater and a mini skirt. Everyone kept shooting me weird looks.

And the funniest thing was that, because the island was so small, we ended up bumping into everyone everywhere. Like these triplet girls I saw at the visitor center, then the next day in another part of town, and then they ended up being on our flight to Atlanta a couple days later. And this family that sat next to me during Bingo, we saw them on the hotel expedition to the city, at the aquarium, at the pool, in the lobby, and on our flight.
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