--*Sangeeta*-- (oopstoobad) wrote,

im obsessed with food!

both my appts on thursday were cancelled because it was RAINING! i am destined to never ever complete driver's ed.

friday, went to lizzies house for the FIRST TIME and she has an awesome barn, which is 2 levels and really brightly lit and she had 6 horses there 'cause she was training a couple or something... LONGEST METRO RIDE EVER! and didn't get to see metro train crash at woodley park because i think it had been removed.

saturday, saw the DOLPHIN IMAX movie with margaret and david. it was sooo pretty out on the Mall. we walked around the area where the cherry blossoms are and saw the world war two memorial. and then i parallel-parked! but there wasn't a car in front; only in back, so it made it easier. but, all the same, it took me TEN minutes and then i got out, thinking it was down and my dad fixed it.

monday: driving?
tuesday: german
wednesday: belly dancing
thursday: NO SCHOOL
friday: NO SCHOOL
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