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4 day weekend..

wow, so it's been so hectic. and the two days off didn't really seem like a vacation. i went to two movies on wednesday, but they both sucked. and then i baby-sat thursday morning. those kids are so privileged.. they have everything they want. i think they might be getting iPODs and they're 7, 7, and 9 years old! and then i went to pentagon city and looked for nicole for LITERALLY an hour because she didn't have her cell phone and i had forgotten to bring her friend's cell number. finally i found her and then i called danielle and she said she was at pentagon city too. so after hanging out with nicole for less than an hour, i stayed with danielle and watched the OC at her house. missed a lot of it because my mom decided to pick me up in the middle of it and i only caught the ending when i got home.
friday morning, i went to my mom's friend's office. the mother of the kids i babysit. and helped out with filing and copying and letter-folding. it was really cool. i kinda dressed up, but i wore an off-the-shoulder shirt and it was so embarassing when she told me that i had to cover up because people at her office are conservative. then i slopped over IN THE RAIN by metro to school for a boring lecture-thing on colleges.
and i went to an indian party yesterday for the indian festival diwali. and today i bought these cute shoes!
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i dont see any shoes
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