--*Sangeeta*-- (oopstoobad) wrote,

"cuz it's all in my head, i think about it over and over"

today really sucked. i walked from school to georgetown because i didn't have enough money for the metro. everything's changing. and, once again, i'm no-one. there's always someone that people will blow me off for. yet every single time, it stings.
i hate sounding like a pity party!!! on the bright side, i worked out yesterday and the huge gym/community center area where i used to work out with nicole. i did the bicycle thingy while studying my econonomic notes. i'm not sure if it's directly relevant, but i slept really, really soundly. and then today i did that whole walking for 2 hours thing. hopefully, that was a good workout. but then i ate pie and cake right after. a lot too.

ummm what is there to look forward to? thanksgiving party.. how many parties can my family host?! baby-sitting. office working which i want to get out of. and nothing social, of course, because i am out of the loop.
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