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I went to the Artomatic yesterday with Nicole. It was a huge 5-story building filled with rooms full of art. Everything was so incredibly creative! Like in the stairwell, there was a rope of stuffed animals hanging from the top and a fake burgular climbing down the rope. And then there were weird things, like photographs of a girl's hand with a cut and blood gushing out and a really graphic painting showing "the act," but between two girls. And we went into a room where they were showing short movies made by artists, which all had to include a monkey and a ventriliquist. It was really surreal.

I've been having some pretty slacker days recently. Like Ms. Noon wasn't herre so we had free period. Then we missed English to go to Public Speaking. And then in Economics, our small group of four went down to the library to research our stocks for our pretend Stock Market Game. Our first session, we, meaning Janis, bought really weird stocks and so we lost a lot of money. But then, with 5 more minutes to go, Lizzie calculated the selling of our declining stock for the buying of Apple stocks, because obviously everyone will want iPODs for Christmas! And so this time, we won 10,000 because Apple went up! It's so thrilling; too bad it's not real money...

Yay, and I'm going ice skating today! It's exciting because so many people are coming and it never works out that way! I always invite a lot of people and almost no-one comes.
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