--*Sangeeta*-- (oopstoobad) wrote,


Things are kind'a down-ish... the weather is really depressing and WHY AM I SO AWKWARD? Ugh.

I went shopping with Margaret today and got a cozy, blue sweater. And, afterwards, I went to Booeymonger and got my favorite sandwich and later found out that they forgot the dressing. So I had to go to the Booeymonger near my house with my mom to go get some.

And yesterday I got a pedicure for Bermuda. Which, will be sooo boring. Seven days with my family on an overpriced island.

Schedule tomorrow:
1st. free
2nd. journalism
3rd. assembly
4th. math
5th. assembly

So only one real class. I got my term grades in math and english. Math was ehh and english was ok.
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