--*Sangeeta*-- (oopstoobad) wrote,


Merry Christmas!

Went to the World Bank again for lunch with Jennie, Margaret, and Sarah. And then Pentagon City where I got a cute pink cell cover that I still haven't put on.
Christmas Eve it was FREEZING. I took the bus with Nicole to Georgetown and it was sooo eerie; everything was deserted and soo cold. Had dinner at French restaurant with my family and my mom's friends, including an indian priest.

CHRISTMAS! Very uneventful. Drove way out to Olney, MD to drop our dog off at my dad's friend's house while we're away. I got a cute French Connection UK top from my cousins. It doesn't say FCUK, it says UKFC, but it's still really adorable!!

OMG, I was sooo not looking forward to going to Bermuda because I thought we were staying at this old, colonial hotel, but we're not! We're staying at this really cool place that has a cove and everything! I'm very excited!
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