--*Sangeeta*-- (oopstoobad) wrote,

Boots and Ice Skating

I love my new boots, but they literally take 10 minutes to put on. Ice-skating was so cool because it was active instead of a passive activity. It's in a cool area, too, so I really want to hang out there more often.
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Woah..that's so pretty! That's in Washington, right?
And how is neal? Say g'day if you see him!
yes, in washington. ill say "g'day" for u to him.
is the picture of us the one that the man took who threatened to steal your camera? because I think I was falling in that picture from laughing at him....

(ps. iceskating instead of passive activity = my idea)
ya that is the stealing camera pic. i had one pic of jennie and one of u and jennie in a crowd and i cant find them! i think i accidentally deleted them.... ugh..